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I guess it's time I made an intro post, with me being much more active on Livejournal instead of just lurking like in the past...

Well here it is: Hi guys, I'm Pengu, and this journal is friends-only since it's a personal journal. I don't post any downloads on here, so no worries, you're not missing anything.

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I think that's enough about me for now, for a more condensed profile, well, go take a look at my profile. :3

I want to know about you: Who are you, what brought you to my profile, and why do you want to add me? Don't hesitate to write as much or as little as you want, but I probably won't add you back if you don't leave a comment of some sort. I just like to know who I'm adding as a friend on here, that's all.
- Pengu
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Shop photos!

Hi everyone, I just moved to Tokyo and I will be offering a shopping service for JE shop and for other idol goods shops in/around Harajuku. 

Please check this post out for pricing and details and feel free to PM or comment if there's anything else you're looking for other than shop photos!


amazarashi 『スターライト』

I did a very quick, rough translation of amazarashi's Starlight, requested by my friend Taka!

Tonight was the first time I've heard this song and I listened to it over and over as I was translating and I've really fallen in love with it. The lyrics are great, not to mention the astrology references.

This is not a great translation but I wanted to get it done, I'll definitely be coming back and fixing any errors and improving it. If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments!

All the things that surround us aren't anything special
Even the treasures that remain in my hand by chance

出会うべくして出会った 奇跡のように光はなった 
Meeting through the natural course of meeting, it turned into light miraculously
ガラクタも 重なれば 僕を形作った
I created shapes by piecing junk together
もう駄目だって挫けそうな 時にだけ輝くものが 
Already pointless and about to be crushed, something that shines only in time
つまり いつだって胸の奥に眠ってる
In other words, it's always sleeping in my heart

屑みたいな ゴミみたいな 小さな星を見つけたんだ
Like scraps, like garbage, I found a tiny star
掴めはしなくても その明かりで 僕らは 前に進むよ
Even without capturing it, we will move forward from the illumination

夜の向こうで何かが待ってて それを照らして スターライト
What's waiting for us beyond the night? Light it up, starlight
情熱 希望なんでもいいけど 僕らはここに居ちゃ駄目だ
Passion, hope is fine and all, but it's pointless for us to stay here
片道切符は承知だジョバンニ 涙は捨てろ スターライト
A one way ticket is an agreement, Giovanni, cast away your tears, starlight
きっといい事ばかりじゃないけど だからこそ 僕らは行くんだよ
There definitely aren't only good things, but that's why we move on

ここまでの旅路を思い出してよ 胸が張り裂けそうな痛みも 
I recalled my journey up until here, the pain that tore my heart open
死にたい程辛い時だってあったろう いつだったろう
and the times that were so tough as if I was dying, when was that?
During those times I said to myself
「ここが始まりだ 始まりだ」って 涙こらえたよ
"this is the beginning, the beginning," I held in my tears
終わりがどこにあるかなんて 考えるのはもう止めた
I've stopped thinking about "Where's the end?"
 つまり 言い換えれば全部が 僕次第
In other words, everything depends on me

屑みたいな ゴミみたいな 小さな僕だって光るから
Like scraps, like garbage, even a small me will shine
見つけて欲しいんだよ この声を 今すぐ空に投げるよ
So I want you to find this voice, I'll cast it into the sky right now

夜の向こうで誰かが待ってて それを見つけて スターライト
Who's waiting beyond the night? Find that, starlight
愛だ恋だって解らないけど 僕らは一人では駄目だ
I don't know if it's love or like, but it's pointless for me to be alone
愛する人は守れカムパネルラ 弱気は捨てろ スターライト
Protect those you love, Campanella, cast away weakness, starlight
きっと悪い事ばかりじゃないよ 隣に あなたが居るなら
There definitely aren't only bad things, if you stay by my side

星めぐりの旅は続く 続く 終わらない
The journey surrounded by stars will go on and on, never ending
オリオンの右肩で歌う 歌う 鷲は紅い目玉
Singing atop Orion's right shoulder, Aquila is a red showpiece(?)
泣くな 泣くな 旅人よ 故郷の姫りんごついばんだ
Don't cry, don't cry, traveler, the princess is picking apples in her home town
鳥になるか 鳥になるか 
Should I become a bird? Should I become a bird?
そんな 夢をみたよ 涙も枯れたよ
I dreamed of that, my tears also withered

夜の向こうに答えはあるのか それを教えて スターライト
Is there an answer beyond the night? Tell me, starlight
失望 挫折うんざりしながら それでも 何かを探してる
Even through the tedious disappointment and discouragement, still searching for something
近づけば遠くなるカシオピア 今は笑えよ スターライト
Cassiopeia seems farther away the closer you get, laugh now, starlight
いつか全てが上手くいくなら 涙は通り過ぎる駅だ
If someday things will go well, tears are the stations we pass by

{ translations: TakaChii talk - 2015.03 POTATO }

I've translated the TakaChii talk in the "Today's JUMP" corner from the March 2015 issue of Potato! :3

Please do not quote or re-post without credit (a simple link back to this post will do). I have also posted this on Tumblr if you wish to reblog → here.
Please bear in mind that I am not a professional translator. Feel free to contribute any corrections or suggestions.

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