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Dec 17 2014 - I'm back!
Hey guys. I'm back on Livejournal. :)

My love for NEWS always brings me back. This is where I started and this is where the fandom always will be, it seems.

I'm overcome with my feelings right now for NEWS. What a long journey this 10 years has been!
They're all grown up now, they've been through so much. But they're still here. They came back. We're still here. We waited for them. I've never been more glad to be a fan of something.

This morning, us fans tweeted our votes for Billboard Japan and we got NEWS to the number 1 spot, multiple times. This is proof that we exist, we're still here supporting them, and that we are strong. Chankapaanas are an amazing bunch of people and I love all of you. Thank you all for loving NEWS. Thank you, NEWS, for loving us. Thank you for coming back and thank you for bringing us the best NEWS.

Let's vote the shit out of this thing near the deadline, shall we?

- and now I shall organize what I have on my journal and make plans for myself to be more active -
Because of a highly unpleasant transaction experience with a very aggressive buyer that ended up with me having to get rid of my item again and a net loss of ~$10, I have started a blacklist of persons I refuse to do business with.

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Hello! If you've done business with me, please leave some feedback here! C: Sankyuu ♥

egl feedback
egl-go feedback
gsj feedback

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Okay. So the NBW In Asia trip is huge. We all know that. It'd require a lot of saving up and being a cheapass to be able to have a fun and successful trip. Before I start preaching... Let's get to the point.

  1. Eat at home - it's free. I don't think I really need to explain this one. If we want to eat together, we can go over to someone's house and use their parent's money (kidding). Or have like a picnic and stuff. (oooooh that'd be fun!)
  2. Put away some money each paycheck/each time you get some. This is kind of a duh, I think? This is not so much for anyone as it is for me and Anna. We're like the biggest spenders of the group lol. Well anyways, I know not all of us have jobs, so saving up may be harder for some of us. But with a little help and friendship we can do this. :3 /corny/ We should each make like a "NBW In Asian box" and put our savings money there. Or something like that. Just don't let it get stolen. /knock on wood/
  3. "Do I need this?" The answer is probably no. Even if you want something so much that you think you might need it, you still probably don't. In other words, don't impulse shop. Think before you buy something. You know that thing you saw last week? Yeah, you probably forgot about it a few days later. I don't think you need it. In need of new clothes? Think again. How many outfits can you make with the current ones you have? 10? That'll last you a couple more months, you don't really need new clothes.
  4. Trift stores, dollar stores, Walmart. Okay. Say you really did need clothes. Or like... a mug. I don't know. But yeah, go there before you look anywhere else, unless you know for certain something is the cheapest somewhere. C'mon, it's all about being cheap. Don't go to Randalls anymore, go to Kroger or Walmart. You know that three-course meal at Red Lobster? Go to Denny's and get the 2-4-6-8. In short, pick the cheaper unless it's lethal.
  5. Checkings and Savings. Divide up your bank account. Don't transfer any money out of savings unless you're in a real emergency. (Psst~ Anna, transferring money for hangouts = lose money easily!)
  6. Limit entertainment spendings. Ex. buying music, anime, movie tickets, etc. I don't think this needs any explanation. Not saying be a shut in, but have fun the cheaper way. Same kind of fun, yeah? At least we don't have to worry about drugs or anything LOL.
  7. Break some routines that make you spend money, even if it's just a little bit. Ex. don't buy food at work. Instead, bring some from home or something. If you buy one less bag of chips each day you're at school, you're saving lke $0.75 a day, 5 days a week, and from now til the trip, there are about 10 weeks left of school. You'll have saved about $40. I know it doesn't sound like much, but think of it this way : you bought $40 less' worth of chips. If you use this technique on more than one thing, each little thing adds up to a bigger number and will eventually be part of your budget for the trip.
  8. Ask for help from mommy and daddy, maybe? Talk to them about the trip. (duh.) Even if you're of age, it's always better to let them know since this is probably your first big trip without them. If you talk to them in a way that makes you seem independent and mature to do this, they'd probably be willing to pitch in a little bit or give you a push on the back for this trip. That means, don't bring it up right away. Maybe write out or explain to them your savings plan and let them know that you really want this (you do, right?) and that you're really trying to do this on your own. Make it really obvious that you're saving up hard core for this trip months and months in advance. Maybe a few months into the saving they'll say, "here baby, take some of this money". It might be an occasional $20 or something, but like I said before, it all adds up. Can't guarantee anything, though. I can think of some of us' parents that probably will leave it all to their kid. (Or like Allison, won't ask for any money.) Or maybe, they won't directly put any money into funding the trip, but they'll probably give you a little money for food, or gas, etc.
  9. Go to less places, especially if they're far and you're driving. This is saving gas money for you. Also, you're less likely to buy something. I say we don't go to Fit more than twice until this trip or something.
  10. Kind of continuing on the above, ask for gas money when you take someone somewhere. It may be like $2 or $3 at a time, but that may be what you use for dinner, or you can keep that money and put them in your bank account when you get to a certain amount, like $20. It all adds up.
  11. Use your card more than you use cash. That's my logic, anyways. The reason behind this: using your card is always exact change. You can put bills into your bank but you can't deposit coins. I have a bunch of coins sitting in my room doing nothing. I'm sure there's a good $20 in there. So, in other words, use card or give exact change in cash. Or in a way that you don't get change back. (Don't tell them to keep the change, though.)
  12. Let people know that you're saving up. And I don't mean broadcasting it, but like, let your friends know. (Actual friends, not Facebbook friends!) That way they know not to tempt you to much into spending money.
  13. Do a garage sale or closet cleaning. I'm sure there's lots of stuff sitting in dark corners wherever you live that you forgot you owned. Just get your butt off the chair and go clean it out. Encourage your family to do the same and do a garage sale. Maybe that could be a sort of fundraiser for us and like part of the proceeds to go funding our trip or something. If anyone needs help selling online I can always do that. If you don't want to or can't sell whatever it is you find, you can always start using it or modifying it to your needs. I'm sure there are things you own but don't need.
  14. Do things that are fun, but free. Such as going to Kesha's house to hang out or what some show. D.I.Y. karaoke at my house. Something along those lines. That way we'd get free food as well <3
  15. "Don't worry, it's just a cheap little thing for right now." DON'T DO IT. DON'T! $5 may seem like an ant to the Earth in terms of your money for the trip, but remember, THEY ALL ADD UP. Gotta keep that in your head, it all adds up. You don't need whatever the hell that is you're trying to waste money on.
  16. Be a little stingy. It's okay. Everyone needs money. We're students and students are poor, and therefore have the right to be stingy.
  17. Water instead of soda. When you're at a restaurant, get water instead of soda. That means the drink is free and comes with free refills. Plus, you're a little healthier. I heard it's bad for your metabolism, so don't drink as you eat. Only drink periodically. I try to drink only when I'm thirsty. Also, with water, you don't lust after the taste of that soda or supah-speshul-awsum drink you usually get.
  18. Speaking of metabolism... Try to lower your appetite. Decrease your need for food. If you eat regularly three meals and it's a routine, don't break it. Instead, eat less food than you usually do. Only eat until you're about 70%~80% full. If you don't eat regular foods, only snack when you're kind of hungry. Don't wait until you're starving, though - that means you absorb more of whatever you eat and you tend to over-eat in those situations. (oh gosh this is becoming a health/weigh loss class...) Snacking periodically thruoughout the day is actually better than eating three regular meals. (Don't starve yourself... please don't.)
  19. "I need to go to bed." YES, YES YOU DO. Get good amount of sleep. That actually decreases your need for food and coffee and energy drinks and whatnot. It also allows you to work more efficiently.
  20. Stop looking at things to buy. Meaning, don't get on eBay for a while. Or Amazon. Or for my case, Livejournal. Don't go shopping as often. Even if it's window shopping. How many times have you planned to just go window shopping but ended up spending money? Yeah, don't go as often as you normally do. Make it kind of a special occasion thing, heh? Or go during sales or something.
Jun 24 2011 - Update
I really don't use my personal journal for anything.

Most of my LJ time is spent on communities such as:

I also tend to roam around sale journals, icon communities, and stuff like that.
Feel free to message. I won't add anyone I don't know though.

I'd also like to mention that my sales journal, xpuri_salesx will now be deleted,
since it's been proven useless XD;;
Feedback will be transferred back to my own journal
Oct 25 2010 - /in search...
of a new journal layout/

I might just make one myself.

Anyways... :3

...ciao ciao! /bricked/
Oct 24 2010 - Oh rawrs...
I'm gonna be bitten to death @_@ And not by Hibari cuz I'm not that lucky!

I said I was gonna use this for personal journal,
and poof, I disappears. D8;

Buuuuuh. Anywayys.
I've been working on subbing Rebocons, watching Rebocons, memorizong KHR charasong lyrics, and having KHR days,
so yes... my life is KHR >:3 Kufufu...
赤西 仁くん、二十六才でおめでとう!!

Back to English.

Happy Birthday to~~~

Massu (NEWS) Who's turning 24!
Bakanishi (KAT-TUN) Who's turning 26!
Gackt! Whose age in unknown!!

And me! Who just turned 16! : D

And to all Canadians, Happy late Canada Day!
And to all Americans, Happy Fourth of July!

Jul 02 2010 - Help!
I still have no idea what to write x.x

A personal journal? I'm not good at those unless it's like a friendship journal to pass around.

A story? Hmm, maybe.

Actually... Stories.
Since I'm already co-writing one with one of my best friends, I could post that here first, right?

And for the various odd hobbies I happen to have/catch on, I guess I'll share them here randomly.
That's what tags are for, right? (;

So anyways... I'm gonna post the first part to our (Me and my friend, Maite/Chicky) story, Dymensions if I get her consent.
(Yes, we intended for it to be spelled that way)
Jun 30 2010 - -yawn-
Quick post before bed -u   -
I moved the sales thingy to a community >U  <

Ah, so much better, I think. But yeah... Lol

I'm tired, gonna sleep nao.
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